AuraSource Announces the Filing of a Patent Application for Its Shock Wave Grinding Apparatus | 2010-11-16

QINZHOU, CHINA -- AuraSource, Inc. (OTCBB: ARAO), a developer of hydrocarbon clean fuel technology, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, AuraSource Qinzhou Co., Ltd., filed a patent application with the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China.

The patent application is related to technologies associated with a shock wave grinding apparatus. This apparatus generates a shock wave when pressurizing (5-30Mpa) a slurry as it passes through the grinding chamber. The shock wave carries a large amount of energy and it creates strong shear, collision and cavitation effects which cause particles in the slurry to reduce to an ultrafine size. As a result, the coal water slurry is pulverized and its fluidity is improved. Under certain conditions, this shock wave apparatus can also be used to accelerate chemical reaction process involving fluid materials in other industrial applications.

Conventional grinding processes are typically done by using a ball mill. Energy consumption by ball mill increases exponentially while reducing the particle size. For this shock wave grinding apparatus, the energy consumption only increases linearly with the required particle size. Therefore, there is substantial energy savings for grinding particles to a finer size by using shock wave grinding technology relative to the traditional method of a ball mill.

Philip Liu, AuraSource's CEO, stated, "We are extending our patent protection on our proprietary technologies with the filing of this patent application in China. This filing further increases our intellectual property portfolio."

About AuraSource

AuraSource, Inc. is focused on the development and production of environmentally friendly and cost effective industrial energy sources and feedstock used for industrial applications. AuraSource's core technology includes ultrafine grinding and impurities removal processes. Initial industrial applications of AuraSource technology are ultra-fine coal water mixture for heavy oil substitution, and low grade iron ore fine and slimes beneficiation.

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